This weekend was held the first ever Texas Two Step race. The scoring would be combining your results from saturday and sunday to make a overall. Racers would be racing at Gulf Coast Raceway at Mikes Hobby Shop in Porter, Texas and at Thornhill Racing Circuit in Hutto, Texas. In the Nitro Buggy class held at the Thornhill Racing Circuit Ethan Lefebvre (XRAY) took the overall TQ. In the Main he would lead most of the race. He would make one mistake in a no marshal area and he loose the lead. E.Lefebvre was able to catch back up but ran out of time and finished second. With third in Porter and second in Hutto, he took the overall win in the Nitro buggy class for the weekend. Dillon Caldwell in second and Tyler Hooks in third complete the podium.

In the first Ebuggy main held at the Mikes Hobby Shop track E.Lefebvre would have a rough start crashing in the whoop section and falling way back. He would be able to make his way back to third at the end. With a second place in the second Main, he would tie for second overall but he lost the tie break from Brandon Rose after combining the best 1 main from each day he would end up third overall. T.Hooks took the overall win.