The first edition of the 2k18 by Hot Race Buggy Summer Cup takes place at the Pista off road Gli Archi near Corigliano Calabro in the south of Italy. The track, located right next to a motocross track has large gravelled parking and a restaurant near the pits. The pits are long, covered and have a large number of electrical outlets. At the bottom is the cleaning area with a compressor.

The podium is rather large and built with a steel structure. A single access ramp allows drivers to climb. The track of a square format is in ocher earth and is characterized by a fine dust and the creation of cracks after watering. This forces the club members to water it very frequently, especially with very good weather. Its length is standard and its pleasant layout, skilfully mixes a minimum of technical parts and others more faster. The jumps are numerous and of all types: single, double, triple, double-double, camel and stairs. The track has a raised corner in concrete in the left bottom, and this material is also used to stabilize many jumps. The downside is that the transition zones between the earth and the concrete will widen over time.