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RCGP wants to provide both racers and fans the best possible race coverage. This is why they have launched RCGP-TV, which is a production team, built up of a combination of the well known and established people behind RC Racing TV, LiveRC and CTRL. CTRL Sport is the media company formed by Mat McCallum and James Parry who you know from numerous daily videos at RC events, such as NEO. RCGP-TV will not only bring you the RCGP events live on youtube, and other media platforms, it will also provide additional content, such as highlights, team features, as well as a television quality short series from each event. The voice of this new channel will be Nick Daman, of RC Racing TV fame. The coverage will be provided completely free, and archives will be available on youtube.The goal of RCGP-TV, is not only to cater to the people already within RC Racing, but also to be appealing to new people, and bring them into the hobby. The objective is to add interest and value to the brands supporting the racing series.