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6MIK have introduced the Weapon 2.0 tyre for 1/8 buggy and E-buggy. The Weapon 2.0 is made to provide comfort, long lasting and consistent performance. To achieve this the 2.0 is based on the Barracuda carcass preventing the tyre from excessive ballooning while making for a comfortable handling at the same time. The tread sports 2016 mini-pins, big in the center and becoming smaller towards the sidewalls. The mini-pins arrangement makes the car more predictable while the pins aren’t close to the sidewalls to do not give too much grip on extreme corners. All these caracteristics make the Weapon 2.0 tyre ideal for all abrasive surfaces and rough tracks where comfort is the driver’s main concern for a whole final duration. The Weapon 2.0 is available in pairs now.