The AARCMCC EP Offroad Tasmanian State Titles were held at the Launceston R/C Inc indoor track in Carrick, Australia. Friday practice kicked off with a completely fresh layout with zero laps ran before the event. Brady Anthes (XRAY) won three of four qualifying rounds and took the overall TQ in 4WD. In A1 and A2 B.Anthes used the triple jump to hold his lead to win both by small margins of less that 2 seconds from Lachlan Donnelly (Team Associated). Mitchell Pratt (XRAY) came in third. In 2WD after missing the overall TQ by .3. B.Anthes new he needed to take risks to get the pass done in the finals. Coming into A2 and A3 he decided to go for the triple onto the main straight for most of the race and he was able to use that to my advantage to pull off the win in both and secure the overall. L.Donnelly came again in second and Calvin James (XRAY) rounded out the top 3.