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The last round of the BRCA E-buggy National Championships was held at the famous RWMCC club. Darren opened his tittle chase way back in April at Brookthorpe a totally new track to the BRCA scene, with some very close qualifying D.Bloomfield would start the main second on the grid. Despite a heavy downpour just before the start he claimed a convincing win.

Onto round 2 and it was up north to North West Nitro yet another new track to the calendar however the club have a small history of running UK nationals at there old venue not too far away. With a real loose surface D.Bloomfield was off to a good start with full control in qualy thus starting P1 for the main converting it to a win stamping another mark on his tittle chase.

Round 3 was first day of July and at yet another club re entering the BRCA calendar after running nationals previously at the clubs old venue, great to see some new venues getting a crack at the whip. With D.Bloomfield having never been to this track before and others having spent a substantial amount of time here, Darren settled for 2nd in qualifying and although he got real close to the win he would have to also setttle for 2nd overall, a great score towards his tittle never the less.

Round 4 and the very familiar BRCA venue Herts Nitro Model Club, Darren’s home track and in the height of summer……. rain all day. D.Bloomfield felt at an advantage here knowing exactly where every bump is on this track but also because he knew he had the smoothest and most well programmed motor and esc for the super slippery wet oild track conditions. With this said he took a convincing TQ and win lapping the entire field. With this sealing the BRCA E-buggy National Championship.

Onto the 5th and final round at Slough and yet another of Darren’s tracks he is very familiar with as he use to live one mile away, going round at this event as more of a victory round, Darren went on to TQ all 3 rounds and win the main lapping again up to 3rd place.

Review of three seasons for Darren: 10 TQ’s, 11 wins and 3 second places out of the last 15 rounds with one non appearance.