The third round of the Norwegian 1/8 Nitro and Electric Nats was helt at the Hvervenbukta Raceway in Oslo in wet conditions. In the Nitro Buggy class XRAY driver Daniel Kobbevik won the five rounds of qualifiyong giving him the overall TQ. The closest driver behind D. Kobbevik was Mugen driver Hans Magne Berg, that had really good pace this weekend. After Semi finals was done top three was D. Kobbevik followed by Serpent duo of Egil Amtedal and Bastian Andreassen. Eivind Wilberg won the Last chance race and secured a spot in A-main. D. Kobbevik took imediately control and went away from the rest of the field. It was a little chaotic in the start off the race, and HM. Berg got into some trouble, and lost any chance of a podium. Mathias Fink and B. Andreassen had a very good race and B. Andreassen took for the first time in his career a second place on podium. M. Fink rounded out the podium in third.

In the E-buggy class D. Kobbevik TQ’d all three rounds meaning the overall TQ. First final started out with D. Kobbevik pushing hard from the start and when he had one lap lead on the driver in second his radio battery was out off power giving the win to Vincent Rüger (HB Racing). Torbjørn Døler (XRAY) and M. Fink rounded out the top 3 in A1. In A2 and A3 D. Kobbevik pushed away and secured the overall win. T. Døler came in second and V. Rüger in third.

Thanks to Magne Kobbevik for the report.