See: Exotek Racing

Coming from Exotek is a range of option parts for the Team Associated B6.1, T6.1 and SC6.1. First up is the stealthy 2 color anodized alloy rear hub set set for the B6.1. The rear hub sports a customized polished black base with blue chamfered accents goes great with your stock plastic parts or after market blue parts. Through careful cutting and shaping these hubs are actually 1gr lighter than the alloy Associated hub sets, even after we’ve added the extra mounting holes. Exotek’s updated design works as either the left or right hub (hubs are non-directional) giving you more camber link hole options. The set includes 2mm roll center alloy spacers to match the stock geometry of the Associated alloy hubs.

Next up is the stealthy black coated brass C block hanger for the B6.1 T6.1 SC6.1. The part is laser etched for easy identification and machined a 2nd time for perfect fitting inserts. The block weighs 24gr and helps increase rear traction by adding weight at a low point under the gearbox.

Also new is the ultralight spur gear mount for the B6.1, T6.1 and SC6.1. In the world of ultra competitive stock racing at indoor tracks, every grams counts and there is no better way to separate yourself from the pack than having a more efficient and lighter drive train. Exotek spur mount assembly with 69t spur is only 8.5gr (stock slipper assembly and spur is 20gr) and you could lighten it further by using optional aluminum hardware. The spur gear mount works with all 3 gear box types and uses a wider range of available spur gear sizes by Exotek and Kimbrough. It allows for easy switching between a locked spur or slipper as track conditions warrant and uses the stock top shaft for increased idler gear durability compared to narrowed top shafts.