The fourth round of the Norwegian 1/10 Electric Buggy Nationals was held at the SAS track near Sandefjord. The weather forecast was not looking to good, but luckily, the track will be spared by the rain. In 2wd, XRAY driver Daniel Kobbevik was over 2.2 sec faster on best lap, and the only one that put a 9 laps in the qualifier rounds. The track was bumpy, slippery and challenging, so it was a great challenge for all drivers. The wind made also some of the jumps pretty difficult to handle. After qualification was done, D. Kobbevik TQed all rounds from Thorbjørn Døhler (XRAY) and Øystein Døhler (Team Associated). In the finals it was pretty much the same scenario as in qualification, D. Kobbevik pulled away and the fight was about the second and third place between Ø. Døhler and T. Døhler. D. Kobbevik won all three A-mains in front of T. Døhler in second and Ø. Døhler in third.

In 4wd it was again D. Kobbevik that set the pace. Once again the Døhler brothers had a tight fight and this time it was Ø. Døhler that will start inn second on the grid and T. Døhler in third. In the finals Daniel tquickly took things in hand from start and drove his own race. Ø. Døhler pretty much controlled the second place while T. Døhler struggled a bit. After all finals was done it was three guys on the same points for the third place on the podium: T. Døhler, Danny Kwiatkowski (Kyosho) and Mathias Fink (Team Associated). They all had 7 points, but D. Kwiatkowski took the longest straw with his second and fifth place finish.

Thanks to Magne Kobbevik for the report.