Ty Tessmann being in Europe for the Euro championship and also to do some testing, XRAY took the opportunity to ask some questions to the US star.

XRAY: Hi Ty, Firstly, congratulations for the European Championship title! We know you weren´t driving this time, but still you and your dad played huge role in this success! How was it for you to be at the race but not racing?

Ty Tessmann: It was definitely different not driving, it was less stressful in one way because I wasn’t driving but also more stressful being in pit lane which is something I’m not used to and it is very stressful being in pit lane. I now know what my parents go through at all my races.

XRAY: You and Gord were Bruno’s personal mechanics, how did you get along? We know you met few times before, but both you and Bruno were racing at the same time, so was this any different when only Bruno raced?

Ty Tessmann: Bruno is a very easy going guy and easy to get along with. He had a good feel of what the car was doing so it was easy for us to make adjustments on the setup and he fully trusted our judgement, so it all worked together very well.

XRAY: We know your motto is: “Every race I take part in, I go only for the win, no matter if it is World Championship or Club race.” Was it same here? Did you believe from the beginning that Bruno, who mainly races On-road, can win 1/8 IC Euros?

Ty Tessmann: Yes of course we did, we definitely believed that Bruno had the talent to win, we wouldn’t have made the trip over if we had thought differently. We feel that the progress that the entire Xray team has been making on the XB8 development has brought the car to the top of the 1/8 scale world, and we felt confident in our experience with the car that we could find a setup that Bruno would be completely comfortable with.

XRAY: Do you and Bruno have similar driving style? Was it easy for you and Gord to find the right setup for Bruno?

Ty Tessmann: I believe that Bruno’s driving style is very similar to mine so we started practice with what I thought I would have run after looking at the track, and then made adjustments based on input from Bruno. I also stood on the media stand beside the rostrum since this is my normal view of the track and between the 3 of us discussing what we felt the car was doing we were able to come up with a setup that Bruno was very happy with.

XRAY: How would you rate the Euros track? Many drivers said it was one of the most challenging ever … Was it similar to some US track or something new for you?

Ty Tessmann: When I drove the track on Sunday I didn’t find it extremely difficult, some of the jumps became difficult because of the holes in the faces of them, but driving the track around the holes and choosing your lines carefully which is exactly what Bruno did for 45 minutes (never needing a marshal) was the difficult part.

XRAY: We know that after the race you stayed at the track with XRAY team for testing, did you enjoy driving on it after 6 days of “only” watching others?

Ty Tessmann: Yes I really enjoyed driving on the track.

XRAY: Bruno was also the only one doing 10 minutes pit stops, you knew he can safely make it or was it risky?

Ty Tessmann: Bruno was actually doing just over 7.5 minute pit stops, everyone else was doing less, we could have possibly pushed to 9 minute pit stops but when we realized that everyone else was pitting so much earlier we knew we would still have 1 less pit stop so at the last minute we made a decision to pit at just over 7.5 minutes to be absolutely safe.

XRAY: XB8 is now both ROAR National Champion and European Champion, how confident you are now with the car going at the World Championship later this year?

Ty Tessmann: I am really confident in the cars ability, we have been working very hard this last year to get everything right, we will continue to test and practice right up until the worlds but I feel confident going into the worlds.

XRAY: Last question, how did you enjoy your stay in Portugal – food, surroundings, people, …? 😊

Ty Tessmann: Most places we travel to we really don’t get a chance to see or do anything other than race due to our busy schedule, but we really appreciated that Bruno and his Dad, Cesar took us to see some of the sights before we left. The people were very friendly and the food was good.

XRAY: Thanks a lot once more for amazing job to your and Gord and good luck next week at 1/10 ROAR Nationals!