XRAY driver Jean-Pierrick Sartel picked up the pace of the timed practice where he was the fastest to TQ the third heat of the Euro 1/10 4WD. Only driver to have made 14 laps in timed practice, he was close to do again 14 laps with 13 laps in 5: 00.366. He is in front of Jörn Neumann (Schumacher) almost 2 seconds slower but back among the fastest drivers. Lee Martin (Yokomo) continues to make solid runs, mixing speed and consistency and he rounded out in third. David Ronnefalk (HB Racing) misses the opportunity to make the top 2 by making a mistake on the penultimate lap which makes him lose 2 seconds. Bruno Coelho (XRAY) completes once again the top 5 and consolidates his sixth place overall.