The sixth round of the Czech Open Series was held last weekend at the Horní Jelení track. The track became perfect for the qualification rounds after some rain on Friday. Max Gotzl (XRAY) took the TQ in all three qualifications in both Nitro and E-buggy. Jiri Mara (SWORKz) and Jiri Benes came in second and third in the Nitro Buggy class while Vaclav Broz and Michal Binder completed the top 3 in the E-buggy class. In the Main final Gotzl made a small mistakes and dropped to second but easilly come back in the lead, pull away and carry the win home. Mara in second and Tomas Kapicka (Kyosho) rounded out the top 3. In the E-buggy class Gotzl won the first two mains in front of Vaclav Broz (Serpent) and Michal Binder (XRAY).