The second round of Annual Beat the Hype Trophy Race was held last weekend at the PCRC Raceway in Bolivar, Missouri. Matthew Pyle (XRAY) swept all three rounds of qualifying in both the 2WD Buggy and 4WD Buggy classes, though TQ was determined via “Rocket Round”. In finals, everything worked out great for Pyle and he managed to take the win in both classes. The XRAY duo of Damon Teel and Scott Neeman rounded out the top 3 in 4WD while Scott Neeman (XRAY) and Nick Cummins completed the podium in 2WD.

4WD Buggy Top 5 Results:

  1. Matthew Pyle – XRAY XB4
  2. Damon Teel – XRAY XB4
  3. Scott Neeman – XRAY XB4
  4. Clayton Mitchell – XRAY XB4
  5. Mike Tibbits – AE

2WD Buggy Top 5 Results:

  1. Matthew Pyle – XRAY XB2
  2. Scott Neeman – XRAY XB2
  3. Nick Cummins – ?
  4. Michael Walker – XRAY XB2
  5. Mike Tibbits – AE