See: Modelix Racing

Modelix Racing have added the EFRA 2142 ‘fast-lock’ exhaust to the Ultimate range. The ‘fast-lock’ system allow to connect the exhaust pipe to the manifold without the pipe/manifold springs. This ‘fast-lock’ connecting system is stronger and safer than the traditional springs system, it ensures perfect pipe-manifold alignment and improves engine performance.

“Assembly and operation is very easy. The manifold is fixed to the pipe by turning a quarter turn. The manifold comes with an inner silicone O-ring and an outer silicone gasket that ensures a perfect sealing. We suggest to lubricate the O-ring/gasket with a drop of after run oil when assembled for the first time.”

The EFRA 2142 hi-quality aluminum exhaust has been designed to improve the overall performance of your engine. It produces a precise and linear throttle response in the low to mid RPM range with a great top end speed. This pipe set will provide great power to your engine up to the high RPM range to produce a great and easy to drive power curve.

All these characteristics will provide great torque for those very demanding tracks with sharp corners and hard to clear jumps. This EFRA 2142 exhaust system is a great choice for your 1:8 off road engine, and it’s specially recommended for the M4R, M5 and M8 Ultimate engines. The exhaust system includes the pipe, the manifold, 3 short springs, 2 medium springs, 1 long spring and 2 manifold gaskets.