Source: Hobbyfactory

The second round of the Finnish 1/8 championship round 2 was held at the Fullspeed RC track in Vantaa. Many fast drivers attended the race such as Joona Haatanen (Team Associated), Ari Heinonen (Mugen), Joseph Quagraine (JQ), Max Mört (JQ) and Pekko Livonen (JQ). In the nitro buggy qualifying the TQ was between Heinonen, Lauri Ruotsalainen (Team Associated) and Quagraine and in the end Heinonen managed to take the overall TQ.

In the 45 minutes A main Mört started first with Heinonen in second and Ruotsalainen in third. Ruotsalainen managed to overtook both Heinonen and Mört in the first lap and from there Ruotsalainen was controlling the pace. With many drivers making a lot of mistakes Ruotsalainen drove an almost flawless race and led from the first lap all through the race. Heinonen and Mört were fighting for the second place but as Mört flamed out before the second pit stop it was Heinonen who was chasing Ruotsalainen. Ruotsalainen managed to avoid problems and crashes and finished comfortably in front of Heinonen. The fight for third was a tight battle between Haatanen and Quagraine but Haatanen proved to have slightly better speed and pulled away and as JQ ran out of fuel on the last lap Haatanen took a comfortable third place. Fourth was JQ, fifth Samppa Orhanen (Team Associated) and sixth Markku Honkanen (Team Associated).

Nitro Buggy final results:

  1. Lauri Ruotsalainen Team Associated
  2. Ari Heinonen Mugen
  3. Joona Haatanen Team Associated
  4. Joseph Quagraine JQ
  5. Samppa Orhanen Team Associated
  6. Markku Honkanen Team Associated
  7. Simo Ahoniemi Mugen
  8. Pekko Iivonen JQ
  9. Tuomo Otsavaara JQ
  10. Max Mört JQ
  11. Tommi Vacklin Team Associated
  12. Ilari Langenoja JQ

In the E-buggy class Ilari Lamminsivu (SWORKz) had good speed the whole day and managed to take the TQ. Aleksi Vilkman (HB Racing) took his E817 V2 to second on the grid before Jarno Siltanen (Mugen) in third. In the finals the battle was tight but in the end the top finished in the same positions as the qualifyings with Lamminsivu first, Vilkman second and Siltanen third.

E-buggy final results:

  1. Ilari Lamminsivu SWORKz
  2. Aleksi Vilkman HB Racing
  3. Jarno Siltanen Mugen
  4. Tuomo Otsavaara XRAY
  5. Mikko Luopajärvi Team Associated