See: Schelle Racing Innovations

Schelle Racing Innovations have introduced four option parts for Team Associated and Yokomo buggies in the form of Midnight chassis protectors for B6.1 and T6.1, a set of Ti upper screws for T6.1 and Nova Slipper for YZ4-SF. First up are the Midnight graphic chassis protectors for B6.1 and T6.1. Made from premium material, they are printed with a replacement tail skid and new split line. These protectors allow for easy access to the gearbox screws for repairs and come with the new 2018 graphic.

Next up is is the set of Titanium upper screws for T6.1. Machined from super-strong Grade 5 Titanium, the screws save about 15 grams weight, 40% less than steel. The set is made up of 55 pieces and comes pre-bagged and grouped by length for easy installation.

Finally the Nova slipper clutch is now adapted to the YZ-4 SF. Shaving approximately 10 grams off the kit 3 plate clutch, and 40% smaller diameter, the compact low-inertia design provides incredible punch and acceleration from the light-weight Nova design. The Nova slipper clutch comes with 81 tooth spur special blend Nova spur gear and billet machined aluminum adapters, spins true and drop-in fit. Uses Yokomo kit driveshafts, main shaft, spring, and adjust nut.