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Team Orion have introduced two Ultimate Graphene 4S LiPo competition batteries for E-buggy and E-truggy. The Ultimate Graphene LiPo HV (7200mAh 15.2V) and the Ultimate Graphene LiPo (6600mAh 14.8V) represent the latest development in lithium battery technology, offering new levels of performance, no matter the track conditions. Thanks to the ultra low internal resistance and improved capacity, the new Graphene LiPo cells supply stable power, from the start to the end of the race. The new batteries are available in the all the most popular formats, shorty, small shorty, stick and 4S block for 1/8.


  • Advanced Graphene LiPo Chemistry
  • Low IR for high power output
  • Improved capacity
  • Up to 120C Discharge Rate
  • Up to 5C Charge Rate
  • Heavy Duty Gold battery connectors
  • Meets ROAR, EFRA, BRCA, IFMAR specs