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Schumacher Racing Products Ltd and Lautenbach Racing Products GmbH have announced a new partnership for LRP UK Distribution. Schumacher Racing will be the sole distributor in the UK for LRP Products, providing sales and their industry leading after sales support and customer service, both in house and at major events around the UK. With the recent changes in the LRP company, pricing of the products will be more competitive than before, giving the customer better value for money and greater availability in a wider range of model shops and online.

“Both parties are extremely happy with the new partnership, renewing old collaborations dating back nearly 30 years! Jurgen Lautenbach won the 1990 European Championships and was 5th at the 1989 Worlds with Schumacher cars powered by LRP electronics.”

Schumacher’s current top drivers Michal Orlowski and Elliott Harper both run for LRP.