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Team Associated have introduced new High-Voltage 30mm motor cooling fan and added new HV-LiPo battery packs to their range of Reedy Wolfpack batteries. First up is the High-Voltage 30mm motor cooling fan. It comes with a handy 195mm extension and it is simple to install by plugging directly into your receiver where it operates off BEC voltage. Because it has HV capability, the High-Voltage 30mm motor cooling fan can also be soldered directly to ESC battery terminals to achieve 24000 RPM and maximum cooling. Installing in the vehicle is as easy as double-sided tape or fitting it to your fan mount or heat sink.

Next up are three new Reedy Wolfpack battery packs. The Reedy Wolfpack HV-LiPo 2100mAh 30C 7.6V meets the performance demands of both the casual enthusiast and the club racer. Generous discharge capabilities increase overall power and top speed while high capacities extend run times far beyond what is capable with lower-quality LiPo batteries. This compact battery features low-resistance 3.5mm sockets, a 2mm balance port and comes with a durable hard case.

The Reedy Wolfpack LiPo 1600mAh 30C 7.4V is designed and configured for small-scale vehicles and can power the hottest brushless motors to incredible top speeds with ease. A factory-installed T-Plug connector with 14-gauge wires reduces power-robbing resistance, while an industry-standard JST XH balance connector makes balancing simple and convenient. It comes with a durable soft case sleeve.

Reedy LiPo Pro SB 2100mAh 20C 14.8V is a good choice for your starter box. Thanks to a compact footprint and light weight, this battery is easy to install and is barely noticeable during transport to and from the track. It features a low-resistance T-plug connector, a JST XH balance connector and comes in a durable soft case sleeve.