See: Horizon Hobby

Since several months, rumors have been rife about a new TLR 1/8 nitro buggy. We have seen some parts still prototype at events such as One Race One Man in Padova, Italy, but without knowing the details and without being able to take pictures. Since then we have been in regular contact with Reno Savoya who was testing some parts to know the progress of ‘5.0’. This weekend at the Horizon RC Fest, factory driver Dakotah Phend drove with a buggy with a new body. Hard to say if the buggy hidden below was the famous ‘5.0’ but some parts visible at the front end suggest that it is the closest version that has been seen from what will be the ‘5.0’. There is no doubt that the TLR drivers will use it during the 2018 IFMAR Worlds and certainly well before as at the 2018 ROAR Fuel Off-Road Nationals which will take place mid-June in Florida and during the Euro in Portugal at the beginning of August.