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Third round of the JBRL Electric Series were held at the SDRC Raceway in San Diego, California over the weekend. In the 2wd Open Buggy class it was Tommy Hinz (XRAY) who took the win from Mason Eppley (Tekno) in second and Chris Jarosz (Yokomo) in third.

In the 4wd Open Buggy class Eppley brought home the win from Ron Devoll (Team Associated) and Hinz in second and third respectively.

4wd 13.5 Buggy top3:

  1. Austin Zeppin
  2. Wayne Wyrick
  3. Andrew Smolnik

2wd Sportsman 17.5 Buggy top3:

  1. Kyle Turner
  2. Chris Raymond
  3. Brenden Edwards

2wd Rookie top3:

  1. Brenden Edwards
  2. Ken Kline – Left
  3. Jerry Chaney III

2wd Expert 17.5 Buggy top3:

  1. Austin Zeppin
  2. Wayne Wyrick
  3. Kyle Defatte

2wd 13.5 Buggy top3:

  1. Shawn Blackwell Sr.
  2. Chase Ordog
  3. Ryan Neibacher

2wd 40+ Buggy top3:

  1. Tito Gonzalez
  2. Art SanFratello
  3. Jeff Runnells

2wd 17.5 Stadium Truck top3:

  1. Rudy Rosales
  2. Kyle Turner
  3. Michael Sorchy

2wd 17.5 Short Course top3:

  1. Zachary Gilmore
  2. Rudy Rosales
  3. Mike Dew

2wd 13.5 Stadium Truck top3:

  1. Frank Root
  2. Brendon Larrowe
  3. Jeff Guest

2wd 13.5 Short Course top3:

  1. Brendon Larrowe
  2. Johnathan Schultz
  3. Mike Dew