This past weekend was held the second round of the JConcepts INS Series at the TRCR track in Tacoma, Washington. The track layout was very tight, super technical, fun and challenging. The grip level was fairly consistent increasing throughout the weekend. In 4WD Modified Buggy Ty Tessmann (XRAY) was able to TQ all three qualifications rounds. The qualifying was super close with some of the qualifiers decided by less than 1/10 of a second. In 2WD Modified Buggy Ryan Maifield (Yokomo) took the early TQ in the first two rounds. In 4WD finals, after some close finals Tessmann was able to take the win in A1 and A2, leading tone to tone. Dustin Evans (Team Associated) and Maifield rounded out the top 3.

The 2WD Mains were very critical between Maifield, Evans and Tessmann. In A1 Tessmann finished in second less than half a second behind Maifield who finished in first. In A2 Tessmann was able to take the win. Both Evans and Maifield made mistakes which allowed him to get by. Tessmann finished just over two seconds ahead of Maifield who finished second. In A3, Maifield and Tessmann were tied in points but Tessmann’s combined time was better than Maifield. At the beginning of the Main Tessmann, Maifield and Evans were pushing hard. Later Maifield would have an incident with a marshall who was marshalling a back marker which put him more than 5 seconds back which would allow Evans to finish first and Tessmann second which would give to the canadian driver the overall win. Maifield in second and Evans in third rounded out the top 3.