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Pro-Line have introduced pre-mounted Slide Lock tyres for 1/8 buggy and pre-mounted ElectroShot VTR for Truggy. The Slide Lock is a unique tyre design that is made specifically for smooth, low grip tracks. The Slide Lock features a pattern of small, tightly packed hexagon and triangle shaped pins so you can lay down as much rubber as possible. The tread on the new Slide Lock is laid out wider across the tyre carcass for a flatter profile overall compared to other Pro-Line 1/8 tyres. Each hexagon pin has a deep sipe down the middle of the tread for added flex and grip on even the slickest of surfaces. The built-in tread flex means you can run harder compounds for longer wear and still have good traction when you need it. The large and stiff side pins reach far down the sidewall to reduce edginess as much as possible. The Slide Lock tyres is mounted on Velocity V2 wheels.

The ElectroShot comes from the mind of Ty Tessmann and is designed to perform just like a HoleShot 2.0 while lasting significantly longer. As the name suggests, the ElectroShot is combination of Pro-Line’s Electron and HoleShot tread designs with connected bars in the center where the heaviest tire wear occurs and Holeshot pins everywhere else for maximum traction. Connected bar-type tyres like Pro-Line’s new Positron. The ElectroShot begins to bridge that gap and test the waters with a hybrid Bar and Pin tire. Racers who have tried the ElectroShot say that it feels similar to a HoleShot but has even better forward grip.

The Electroshot VTR tyres come pre-mounted on White Velocity VTR wheels.The Velocity VTR 4.0″ Dish wheels are the ultimate in light weight durability. Pro-Line’s team of enthusiasts incorporated the latest in 1:8 bead gluing for increased bonding strength. The bonding surface also has an additional texture detail in the glue channels to keep your tires on your wheels. Made to fit the 17mm hex of today’s most popular 1:8 trucks. Pro-Line Velocity VTR wheels are the latest in wheel technology from a company that has over 25 years of mold design, mold making, and product production.

The Slide Lock tyres are available in X3 (Soft) and M3 (Soft) compounds while the Electroshot VTR tyre are available in X3 (Soft) compound.