The first round of the Danish Nationals were held in Kolding over the weekend in 2wd Modified, 4wd Modified, Stock and Truck 8.5t limited classes.  This year to promote RC the club had an arrangement to build a temporary track in the middle of a Motorsports Festival with thousands of spectators. The Festival had roadracing bikes, Driftcars, GT cars, Motocross, Monstertrucks, livemusic and lost of car brands showing off their latest editions. It made for a special atmosphere, although in all honesty our electricpowered cars had a hard time competing with the attention the real cars drew. The track was a good as it could be, and Rene Hougaard did a great job of announcing and keeping our RC show alive. The pits were fine, and although the noise and tiresmoke from driftcars and bikes were a bit distracting, we quite enjoyed ourselves with the atmosphere and lots of things to do between races. RC is also about having fun. 

The temporary track had lots of grip, but was also bumpy, which took some time to set the cars and tires to. The usual suspects Jesper Rasmussen (AE) and Frederik Hougaard (Yokomo) were fast from the get go, so the rest of us were playing catch up in 2wd and 4wd. In the Stock class, Alexander Larsen (AE) was on fire, and never looked back from practice to the mains. The Truck class was dominated by Kim Boelslund (AE ) although he came under pressure in the last few mains.

The major surprise in 2wd came from 10 year old Marcus (AE) from RC Kongen, who had been nowhere in practice. After some setup tweaks and fitting a softer 8.5t motor, he took TQ in the last two rounds of qualifying avoiding to crash and setting some of the fastest laps of the event. Rasmussen would line up second with teammate and Oldman Jonas Kaerup (AE) in 3rd. Local man Hougaard had been looking fast in practice, but had to settle for fourth after a few mistakes.

The 2wd mains were all about being consistent and not crash. Exciting finals put on a great show for the public, Marcus almost getting the win, but a mistake in the 3rd main put paid to that. Kaerup came out of the smoke and with a win and two seconds took the overall win in 2wd. Rasmussen finished 3rd right on Marcus heels.

In 4wd  Rasmussen TQ’ed two rounds. Hougaard was right on his heels and a big surprise was young Lasse Bak (Yokomo) up to 3rd in qualifying. Kaerup was fast and finished 2nd in on round but had to settle for 5th for the mains.

On a difficult track with many battles and difficult cars to drive, 10 year Marcus came from behind and won two mains and took his first 4wd championship round win. Rasmussen finished 2nd and Hougaard in 3rd.

8.5t Truck was won by Kim Boelslund (AE) in front of Ulrich Rasmussen (AE) finished 2nd and Kim Kristensen(Xray) rounded out the top 3.

Stock was won by Alexander Larsen (AE) from Daniel Genz and Erik Pedersen.

Thanks to Kim Bendiksen for the report.