See: Schelle Racing Innovations

Schelle Racing Innovations have introduced new short wheelbase rear arms for the Team Associated B64 and un set of titanium screws for the B6.1. First up are the short wheelbase rear arms. The set includes pre-cut arms to be use with a 2mm wheelbase shim to shorten the car. This popular team Mod provides more rear traction. Next up is the upper titanium screws. They are made of Grade 5 titanium alloy (commonly known as 6Al-4V) with a bright machined finish to give your car that pure racing look. Unlike Grade 2 known to be used by other brands, the Grade 5 Titanium alloy is the most desirable, giving 40% lighter weight and corrosion resistance compared to steel. With a little TLC, these screws will look as fantastic in a year as they did the day you take them from the packge. The Schelle B6 upper set of 55 screws strategically removes kit steel screws from up high above the chassis, which lowers the CG and improves handling.