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Murf’s Intermountain R/C Raceway hosted the 2018 April Fools Classic in South Salt Lake, Utah. After four competitive rounds of qualifying in 2WD Modified Buggy, Dustin Evans (Team Associated) was able to grab the TQ with Team Associated/Reedy teammates Jake Mayo and Rob Gillespie starting second and third, both of whom also TQ’d in rounds of qualifying. Dustin went on the win the first two mains, with Mayo winning the third main. Evans was able to secure second overall, while Gillespie rounded out the podium for a Team Associated/Reedy podium sweep.

In the 2WD Modified Truck category, Evans debuted the all-new pre-production T6.1. He was able to complete the event sweep by TQ’ing all four rounds of qualifying and easily winning the first two A Mains from CJ Jelin (XRAY) in second and Charlie Cavalier (TLR) in third. Having driven the truck only once before the event, Evans said, “The T6.1 has exceeded my expectations. To have a truck carry corner speed like a 2WD buggy is incredible. I look forward to getting to drive it a lot more.”