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Drivers from Netherlands, Belgium and Germany attended the Kick-off 2018 at Mach one Helmond track in Helmond, Netherlands. After the qualifications Wesley van Helmond (Serpent) took the overall TQ in nitro buggy while Jarno Pijpers (SWORKz/Nosram) took the TQ in E-buggy. In the nitro buggy final, Pijpers, Jeffrey Halsema (Team Associated) and van helmond fought for the lead and after 20 minutes Jarno Pijpers was able to pulled out a small gap and grabbed the win from Halsema in second and Tim Stiewe (Mugen) in third. In E-buggy Pijpers started from pole with van helmond just behin him but after a few minutes van Helmond made a mistake and Pijpers was able to pull away to take the win from Sander van Genchten (XRAY) and Halsema (Team Associated). A good start for Pijpers for his first race with his SWORKz cars.

Nitro Buggy results:

  1. Jarno Pijpers – SWORKz/FX
  2. Jeffrey Halsema – Team Associated/Maxima
  3. Tim Stiewe – Mugen/Reds Racing
  4. Wesley van Helmond – Serpent/Triton
  5. Rajco van der Sluijs – Tekno RC/Reds Racing
  6. Sander van Genechten – XRAY/FX
  7. Justus Giese – Mugen/Bullitt
  8. Matthias Reckward – Mugen/Reds Racing
  9. Dominik Röhrig – SWORKz/SPower
  10. Rene van Schaijk – Mugen/Reds Racing

E-Buggy results:

  1. Jarno Pijpers – SWORKz/Nosram
  2. Sander van Genchten – Xray/Hobbywing
  3. Jeffrey Halsema – Team Associated
  4. Michall van Dijk – Team C/Hobbywing
  5. Colon Meijer – Serpent/Tekin
  6. Marlon Klepkamp – Mugen/Tekin
  7. Christian Klasen – Mugen/Hobbywing
  8. Wesley Wiertz – Team C/Tekin
  9. Tim Donk – Team C/Team Orion
  10. Guus Franken – XRAY