An icy wind welcomed the drivers this morning for the fourth round of the qualifications at The Neo Race. Slightly slower track conditions do not allow (yet) to drop below the 55sec mark but more is needed to stop Davide Ongaro (Team Associated) who will take the TQ for the second time in a row. Davide, who will make the fastest lap, is ahead of his compatriot Marco Baruffolo (XRAY) who finishes second. Marco will be fastest for most of the qualifying session before Davide can overtake him in the last two minutes. Behind the two Italian drivers are David Ronnefalk (HB Racing) and Reno Savoya (TLR) in a pocket handkerchief, David having managed to overtake the French driver at the end of the heat. In the fifth position, Robert Batlle (Mugen) limits the damage and still garners important points which puts him in second position overall. Juan Carlos Canas (Mugen) only ninth of the heat leaves the first place in the overall standings in favor of Davide.