See: 6MIK

Following the news about the Axium 1/10 buggy tyre, 6MIK have released some photos of their new 4WD front tyre. The Axium features outside rounded pins making the tyre less aggressive into the corner and to avoid flips due to the usual over-grip on astro and carpet surfaces. In the center, the different pattern of the pins increases the traction without disequilibrating the car. 6MIK’s OCC (Optimized Control Concept) inner structure has been the subject of a special attention to provide an extreme steering precision. Cornering jumps become easy.

As Astro/Carpet surfaces provide different levels of grip, the Axium can be glued with the hard sidewall outside on high grip conditions or with the soft sidewall outside to provide more steering on wet and more slippery surfaces. Both sidewalls are obviously marked differently for easy identification. Extremely easy to glue, the Axium tyre is powerful, versatile and available in Green (Soft), Blue (Medium) and Purple (Hard) compounds.