See: Answer RC

Answer RC have introduced new carbon arm stiffeners for the HB Racing D8 series including D812, D815 and D817. These UK made items vary in several ways to the standard HB parts and other Answer’s brand parts in so far as they do not use countersunk holes for the securing screws giving a two fold benefit:

  • No countersunk gives a stronger securing surface.
  • By virtue of not being countersunk they are now not sided so that they can be flipped and used either side meaning if you have a tendency to damage one side you don’t end up with a collection of carbon covers for the alternate side.

Another problem faced by some users is that the stock 2.5mm screws can pull out from the arm over time. Included with this set is 10 x 3.0mm screws as well as the 2.5mm screws which allow re-use of the arm even when the screw threads have become damaged in the arm. Also included is a 2.5mm drill bit which is ideal for opening the stock hole up if going straight to 3.0mm screw fitment.