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This year Elliott Boots skipped the 2018 DNC and went to Japan for some MP9 TKI4 testing. During his visit to Kyosho headquarters, Elliott talked about his career, the MP9 and the IFMAR Worlds event coming up this year at Australia.

“I got into RC at 9 years old. It was an influence from my uncle. I started with a RTR 1/10th scale touring car and at 10 years old had an opportunity to drive my dad’s old Inferno MP7.5. This is when I got into the racing side of 1/8th nitro buggy. I drove for the UK Kyosho team in 2011 and was able to make the Team Kyosho International in 2012. The year that I joined the Team Kyosho International, I was able to TQ at the IFMAR worlds held in Argentina. From 2015-2016, I was also able to take the European championships title with TQ 2 years in a row which was quite a memorable. I believe these accomplishments were only possible with the right equipment combination and Team support I had. This total package along with dedicated practice and great mechanic support has gotten me this far. The MP9 TKI4 chassis is one of the most competitive chassis which can run great on all kinds of tracks with minimal setup changes. The quality of each of the parts are superb and easy to maintenance giving us drivers an advantage over the competition.

This year is the IFMAR Worlds year for the 1/8th scale buggy and will be held at Perth, Australia. Of course I want to take the title but my first goal will be to make it in the A main finals. To achieve this goal, I will practice even more and try to attend as much big race events as possible. These big races are good because they challenge you mentally and reward you with great experience. Staying focused and being calm under pressure is one of the key in winning. For me it is very important to talk to my friends during races to keep my mind relaxed. I also like to drive my Harley Davidson in my free time at home to switch of from the racing mindset. “