See: Schelle Racing Innovations

Schelle Racing Innovations have introduced new option parts for the Team Associated B6.1 in the form of aluminium rear hubs, low front wing mount and a 67mm conversion offset bearing inserts and also for the Yokomo YZ-2-YZ2-DTM in the form of the Nova slipper clutch and Nova drive plates. First up are the rear hubs use the 2-piece concept already used on the B5M series. They feature a replaceable upper that increases adjustment and durability.

The standard location “inside, +1mm shim” matched the kit standard upper row middle “B” hole. The upper cap design can space away from the main hub with ballstud shims, allowing racers fine “in-between” adjustments for the rear upper link. True to the kit geometry, the Schelle aluminum hubs are 0 degree toe-in when using the Associated inserts. The upper caps are shared with the B6 and B64s design, with the same parts used both left and right. The upper cap design reduces leverage on the outer ballstud, as well as increasing shock clearance for the turnbuckle. They come in black or blue colors and they are also available in Carpet version with special -2mm upper cap for carpet and astro, 4mm HD ballstud and 1mm washer.

Next up is the low front wing mount. It adds downforce to the front tower and gives the car more cornering speed, especially keeping the front down when jumping into turns. The lower wing mount in front of the tower has less leverage on the chassis and gives front downforce with a smoother steering feel, and less low-speed steering than the high tower mount.

Next up are the 67mm offset inner bearing inserts. These are offset to shift the inner 10x15mm bearing into the hub for use with 67mm conversion axles/bones. Outer bearing insert does not change.

Also new is the Nova slipper clutch for the Yokomo YZ-2-YZ2-DTM. This 3-plate clutch offers better driving feel, lasts longer, and has a lower rotating inertia compared to kit slipper clutches from the major manufacturers. The Nova slipper clutch has 20% more torque capacity in a compact package that helps you put more power to the ground and lasts longer between rebuilds. The Nova sets include 2 slipper pads of each material and a tuning guide to help racers learn how to tune the clutch for different conditions from slick to astro-turf. The Nova fits the entire range of Nova spur gears 69 throught 81 (motor mount limits certain options) and also the Lockout option.

Next up are replacement drive plates for the Yokomo YZ-2 DTM Nova slipper clutch. In testing, drivers noticed the black Nova plates provide more instant punch for short-takeoff jumps while still maintaining the smooth throttle and brake feel the Nova is known for. The Nova “Centric” plates remove the washer stack from the Nova design with a detailed self-centering milled slot in the center of the plate. In addition to self-centering, the new plates have 6 vent holes in a swirl pattern to help cool the system as well as catch debris as the pads wear.