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Exotek have added new option parts to their range for the Tekno RC EB410. First up is the steering rack, machined from heavy duty 7075 alloy it comes anodised with the Exotek’s special glossy navy blue. His reinforced design minimizes any extra cut outs to increase strength, yet only weighs 6gr.

Next up are the rear titanium locking/captured hinge pin set with 2mm hex head. They eliminate the problem of the rear hub hinge pins sliding out of the arms during impacts. The hinge pins securely holds the hinge pins and hubs in the rear arm, thanks to the captured pin and lock nut design. Comes with steel locknuts.

Next up is the heavy duty steel D block hanger. Made of hard steel, black coated to reduce corrosion and weighs 13gr, this heavy duty hanger lasts much longer than the alloy block and resists being worn away at the bottom due to abrasive track conditions.

Also new is the brass C block hanger. Made of brass and black coated to reduce corrosion, this heavy hanger helps add more rear traction. Can be combined with the Exotek 40gr weight set.