This past weekend was held the fifth round of the RC Kongens Winter Cup. In the first 2WD qualifying round it was Pelle Culmsee who was the fastest, he could TQ in front of Marcus Kærup. In Q2 it was Marcus who got the TQ, after Pelle landed bad from a jump and broke a rear arm. In Q3 it was Jonas Kærup who was fastest with a 2 sec margin to Pelle. Pelle took the overall TQ after having a better TQ round than Marcus.

In A1 Pelle made a mistake after 2 min and Marcus could overtake him, but Pelle and Jonas was faster than Marcus and he couldt pull away. After some close fighting between Pelle and Jonas, Marcus managed to take the win. Different story in A2 as Pelle stayed in the lead, with Marcus right behind him. Marcus did some mistakes and Pelle could take a tone to tone win. It will be the same story in A3. Jonas could get by to take overall second because Marcus did to many mistakes.

In the 4wd portion it was again Marcus and Pelle who was batteling it out, but this time Christoffer Henriksen was in the battle too. In the qualifying Pelle took the TQ by winning the first two rounds. In Q3 Pelle didn’t run to save tyres for the final and Christoffer took the TQ to line up as number two as Marcus broke a rear axle.

In the first final, Pelle again did some mistakes, allowing Marcus to win in front of Pelle and Christoffer. In A2 Pelle got a great start and without any mistakes he could take a tone to tone win. Behind him, Christoffer and Marcus did some small mistakes, but at the end of the final Marcus was close to Pelle. In A3 Pelle and Marcus had a great fight, but some small bubles from Marcus allowed to Pelle could take the overall win.

Thanks to Pelle Culmsee for the report.