The 2018 Montpellier GP saw Riccardo Berton taking the overall TQ as the Italian driver TQ’d the opening three rounds of qualifying, with TQ locked up Juan Carlos Canas would go onto claim Q2 locking him into second. Q3 would go to Team Associated driver Davide Ongaro after two first rounds quite tough. Three rounds with three different TQ show how difficult the regularity is on this track. Tyres play a key role as well as the temperature increases and decreases related to constant changes in weather with sun, clouds, rain and wind. The two most consistent drivers on all three runs are undoubtedly Mugen drivers Robert Batlle and Juan Carlos Canas. Canas showed that speed was not a problem with a TQ when Robert seems to be preparing for the semi-finals and the final. Reno Savoya and Yannick Aigoin are respectively ranked 4th and 5th. They also showed great regularity and speed with Reno in 3rd position in Q3.