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6MIK have introduced the “Ultra”, a brand new system for maintaining the 1/8 closed cell inserts on the wheels. Designed and developed by the 6MIK R&D and their team drivers, this innovative system allows to increased performance and driveability. Ultra consists of two new closed cell inserts and wheels:

  • The Red insert: new profile, new high resistance material, auto-centering on the rim. Ideal for all « low-profile » tyres of 6MIK range.
  • The Pink insert: same properties as the Red insert, but with a larger volume and a profile slightly different that fits perfectly the Bandit, Reflex, Weapon, Joker and T-Rex tyres.
  • The “Ultra” wheel: two central ribs allow a perfect centering and guiding of the insert. The wheel features a revised and corrected design with more rigidity. Coming soon in white and fluo yellow colour.

On the track the “ultra” system provides a great steering precision, more regular tyre’s wear, an increased cornering speed, less over-grip on the « grippy » tracks for a high-end driving sensation.