Source: Jared Tebo (Facebook)

Like many of his fellow professional drivers, Jared Tebo has published on Facebook a “Tech Tip” about how the Kyosho driver builds his brake linkage. Jared said:

“I use fuel line on my brakes, not springs, the springs don’t give me the brake force power I want. Tip 1 is to add a washer between the plastic half ball, and the fuel line. I didn’t for years, but once I had the fuel line push over the the half ball, and I lost all brakes with that system for the entire race. Tip 2 is to use a longer fuel tube for the front brakes, if you like a 40/60 split. The longer tube will give you less powerful brake force, so you can have the brake pressure start at a 50/50 split, but the force will be closer to a 40/60 split. Adjust length to get the feel you want. If you prefer 50/50, then equal lengths will be better for you.”