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The Team Associated B6 is one of the best 2WD buggies on the market, everyone know that. Although the B6 is still in the race as Ryan Cavalieri has demonstrated by winning the 2017 Reedy Race of Champions, Team Associated have asked the famous engineers from the Area51 about some modifications that will lead to the B6.1. The front end giving full satisfaction, the focus shifted to the rear end or innovative ideas are under study. Stay tuned!

“It’s February 2017, Ryan Cavalieri just won the Reedy Race and the #B6 is looking dialed, but it’s a 1:10 EP Worlds year and you know if the Worlds are coming, AE will be going all in! We love the front end of the B6, refined, simple, and incredibly adjustable, but for the rear end, we had some big plans!  Some even questioned whether it could be done…so the engineers within #Area51 got to work. The result: Easier to work on, Increased adjustability (more on this later 😋) More consistent feel on track”