The first round of the XRS Greece 2018 was held at Fanatix Racing track. In 2wd buggy qualifying it was XRAY’s Dimitris Fotinos who took the overall TQ from Team Associated driver Amaksas in second and XRAy driver Dimitris Ioannidis in third. In A1 Fotinos set the pace and won with a 4 second gap over Sakis Sikianakis in second and Katexakis in third. In A2 Fotinos was leading from start to finish but there was a battle for second place between Ioannidis and Amaksas. Unfortunately Amaksas made a mistake three laps before the end and Ioannidis took second place with last year’s 2wd Greek Champion behind him. In the last final, Fotinos led from the start but a mistake at the end of the race gave Ioannidis the chance to close the gap. Fotinos managed to stay in front leaving Ioannidis secure the second overall place. Katexakis in third rounded out the top 3.

2WD results:

  1. Fotinos – XRAY XB2
  2. Ioannidis – XRAY XB2
  3. Katexakis
  4. Amaksas – Team Associated
  5. Dionisis Sikianikis – XRAY XB2
  6. Koutras – Team Associated
  7. Papacharisis- Yokomo
  8. Pagonis
  9. Kalantzakis – Schumacher
  10. Karav