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Carisma Racing have announced the signing of multiple UK National Champion and two time EFRA European Champion Ellis Stafford to their team. The experienced and professional driver will not only lead the charge on track running both 2WD and 4WD 1/10th buggies, he will also be instrumental in progressing the designs, with real world testing, racing data and honest feedback. With the 4XS a ending its first Worlds in 2017, growing in popularity with racers globally and the new 2XS in it’s final stages of development, Ellis will be an invaluable asset to the teams global dynamic, and each cars ongoing development. When asked why Ellis had decided to join the Carisma team, he had this to say:

“The main thing that really struck me having spoken to Ivan on the phone, was his genuine desire to take his cars and company to the next level. We both understand this may not be a quick project, but we both want the same thing, and that is to posively bring Carisma Racing to people’s attention, and to create both quality and fast, R/C race cars. I have a new found enthusiasm for racing, and am really looking forward to seeing what Ivan, his team, and myself can come up with in the future with the cars and the race results.”

When asked why Ivan had chosen Ellis for the team he replied:

“It’s the perfect fit. A passionate and very experienced driver at all levels of competition, married with the knowledge only thousands of hours of racing and product development can bring. With relatively new designs of buggies, and the potential to take them as high as its possible to go, we as a team shape our own destiny. His desire burns just as strongly as the rest of the team.”