See: Alpha Plus

Alpha Plus have introduced the new Dragon IV nitro engine. based on the Dragon III, the Dragon IV is a 3-port engine which features an improved DEC crankcase, ceramic bearings, new piston/sleeve, a hard coated piston pin and new cooling head. The DEC crankcase reduces engine vibration, provides less wear and offers good lubricity. Also it provides a greater fuel efficiency and increases the engine power.

The ceramic bearings are lighter, reduce friction and improve longevity. The piston/sleeve improve fuel efficiency, offering more power and a more linear power while the piston pin is hard coated to improve his durability. The cooling head is more effective and improves the center of gravity to help the handling of the car. The Dragon IV nitro engine come pre broken-in and it is easy to tune.

The Dragon IV is available separately or in a Limited Edition combo including the Dragon IV engine with three carburetor venturi (6mm, 6.5mm & 7.0mm), a P3 glow plug and a 4-shoe clutch set with the 4-shoe clutch tool. Only 300 sets of the Limited Edition combo are available world wide.