See: Alpha Plus

Alpha Plus have introduced the new 4-shoe clutch set. The 4-shoe clutch set was designed to provide a faster set up and maintenance, a better durability and long-life usage. The clutch shoes are made with a special aluminum alloy material. This aluminum provides a perfect friction coefficient between the clutch bell and clutch which brings powerful, long-life and abrasion resistance even in low speed and when in medium to high speed. 

The 4-shoe clutch comes with the three different spring types; Hard, Medium and Soft. A total of 30 various settings are available to match with different track conditions and driving requirements. To have an explosive power and smooth gradual speed, the factory setting is two Hard springs and two Medium springs with each spring type set opposite to each other, and with the clutch shoe cover pin set in high. This set up provide more stablity and is perfect for a high traction track.

Also new is the 4-shoe clutch tool specially designed for the 4-shoe clutch. The tool allows to easely assemble and disassemble the 4-shoe clutch, in order to save time.