Source: Philippine Masters 2018 (Facebook)

Scotty Ernst and the Philippine Masters Team have published a statement about the forthcoming Philippine Masters 2018 race:

“The New Year has begun and it has been a very busy January for the Philippine Masters team. Tracks construction has begun for the new layout and we have received a ton of emails and messages from racers around the World who want to join us for the 2018 Masters. The past couple of years has seen the Masters grow to amazing levels with some of the Worlds best racers joining us and we are very excited and proud to announce that we have an amazing lineup again this year. Below you will see some of the big names who have confirmed they will be joining us.

The things that makes us the proudest is that these Champions keep returning each year and that says a lot about the event. These guys can choose what events they attend and to have them return each and every year shows that the Philippine Masters is a fun and enjoyable event no matter if you are a Pro or a Joe. it is a low stress event that gives you the opportunity to hang out with the Worlds best, ask questions, learn, laugh and enjoy an amazing time racing in the Philippines. If you would like to join us or have any questions at all, please feel free to message us and we will be happy to help. As the slogan says, its more fun in the Philippines. We hope you can join us.”