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Ruddog Distribution GmbH have announced that they have been appointed as new Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and the Czech Republic distributor for Team Associated and Reedy from the 1st of February 2018 on. Both brands will be brought into the market using their established distribution network and they will become a major part of their portfolio. The aim is to allow an easier and more dependable access to these World Championship winning brands while ensuring a competitive price tag.

The first batch of kits, spares and accessories is already on the way to Ruddog’s warehouse. Ruddog’s goal is to ensure a more reliable availability of kits, parts and accessories. They will ensure high stock numbers for all of the important products so they can supply customers with goods, even in case the respective parts are out of stock in the USA warehouse. Spare parts will be around 10% cheaper compared to the previous distributor, matching the price level of the international market. Information for existing Team Associated and Reedy team drivers will be posted soon. For all inquiries please use our new e-mail address