See: Elefun

XRAY driver Daniel Kobbevik signed with Elefun. Elefun is maybe the biggest shop/distributor in Scandinavia, a very strong company present in all areas of RC and hobby. Specialisted in drones and planes, they are now also stronger and stronger in racing products for cars as well. Daniel had the following to say about the cooperation with Elefun:

“Its so cool to get this upportunity, testing tyres, giving feedback, and try to help out with some off the sortiment, so representing Elefun is an honor for me. Huge thanks to Knut and all the other guys at Elefun AS!”

Elefun had this to say about signing Daniel:

“We are really excited to be working with Daniel. Young, raw talent representing the future of RC car racing – and such a nice guy! A close relationship with Daniel is providing us with the insight and help we need to serve the race market in the best way possible. The experience and advice from him and his team are invaluable to us, as well as their presence on the RC car scene the world over. We are thankful for this opportunity and looking forward to developing this relationship in the future.”