See: Schumacher Racing

It was a massive weekend for RC in the UK with the British Off Road Grand Prix taking place at the Centre:MK. A huge shopping complex in the centre of the UK, this was the third year on the trot an event has taken place here with the Reedy Race and GT12 World Championships in the previous 2 years. A fantastic opportunity for RC cars to interact hugely with the public. 165 entries in 2WD, 110 4WD and 20 in Short Course a truly massive turnout.

Schumacher as the main title sponsor sent a large team including their top team ace Michal Orlowski from Poland. Michal would be battling the best the UK had to offer in Neil Cragg and Lee Martin along with a host of other top UK racers including  Tom Yardy.

2WD started first and as expected the battle was between the leading three, Michal, Neil and Lee. Lee managed to TQ the last two qualifying rounds giving him the overall TQ position with Neil second and Michal third. The three legged finals saw Lee take the overall win with a strong display. Schumacher’s Michal jumped Neil after the three legs taking home second and Schumacher’s Tom Yardy 4th both with Cougar KC’s.

2WD results

  1. Lee Martin – Yokomo
  2. Michal Orlowski – Schumacher
  3. Neil Cragg – Associated
  4. Tom Yardy – Schumacher
  5. Richard Barton – Associated
  6. Lewis Jones – Associated
  7. Jack Neal – Schumacher
  8. Jonnie Skidmore – Yokomo
  9. Charlie Ware – Schumacher
  10. Elliott Boots – Kyosho
  11. Lloyd Storey – Schumacher

In 4WD Michal was able to up his pace with the new prototype Schumacher chassis, taking a dominant TQ in 4 of the 5 qualifiers from Lee and Neil. It was simple in the finals 3 leg wins tone to tone in each with the qualifying order remaining the same, Lee second and Neil 3.

4WD results

  1. Michal Orlowski – Schumacher
  2. Lee Martin – Yokomo
  3. Neil Cragg – Associated
  4. Paul Crompton – Yokomo
  5. Tom Yardy – Schumacher
  6. Jack Neal – Schumacher
  7. Greg Williams – Schumacher
  8. Jamie Clancy – Associated
  9. Ben Smith – Schumacher
  10. Iain Mellish – Tekno
  11. William Venables – Associated

In Short Course local hero Matt Owen took the win from Richard Miller and David Williams.

Short Course results

  1. Matt Owen
  2. Richard Miller
  3. David Williams
  4. Mark Bissmire
  5. Jonathan Peters
  6. Scott Dumayne
  7. Gareth Cutting
  8. Oliver Szymanski
  9. Russell Lee
  10. Jonathan Szymanski
  11. Alan Day

Overall it was a fantastic meeting and a showcase for RC to the general public. Congratulations to the organising club Silverstone for their sterling efforts and also to the BRCA for support.