See: Nemo Racing

Nemo Racing have introduced new emulsion shock caps and carbon wishbone stiffeners for the Agama A215 SV. First up, the emulsion shock caps and seals allow for the use of emulsion-style shocks. Well suited to tracks with big jumps and heavy landings, in addition to tracks with looser surfaces. Thoroughly tested for over 6 months on various track types and surfaces, including the 2017 Euro A’s and used on the Junior Euro B winning buggy. These emulsion shock caps allow you to run the cap in 3 different styles:

  • Non-Vented: Bladder shock (using stock 0003 bladder) and screw included and tight
  • Vented: Bladder shock (using stock 0003 bladder) and no screw with open bleed hole
  • Emulsion: O-ring seal used with screw and gasket to offer emulsion shock setup

The set includes all items required to build emulsion shocks, retain standard 0003 bladders for normal shock build.

Next up are the rear and front carbon wishbone stiffeners. Designed to be use with the 31002-S soft front and 21003-S soft rear wishbones, they are made of a stiff and durable 1mm carbon. These are used to stiffen the soft wishbone in high grip/warm conditions to offer the best balance between performance and durability.