After Kyosho driver Riccardo Berton took pole position in the highly contested semi-finals, it was known that the supremacy of Team Associated driver Davide Ongaro was perhaps no longer as obvious as during qualifying. The 45-minute final begins with Mugen driver Robert Batlle rising in the lead. Robert manages to stay ahead for several minutes before making a first mistake that will make him fall in the standings. Riccardo then takes the lead and must resist to Davide, Elliott Boots, Robert and Maro Baruffolo in the last thirty minutes of the race. Elliott will have a technical problem and will have to stop and Robert will make a mistake that will keep him away from the leader. Marco goes quickly is placed in third position and stay there. At the front Davide slowly catches up Riccardo but once in contact he always makes a small mistake allowing Riccardo to stay ahead. But at the end of the final, in the last lap when the race seems to have won for Riccardo, he falls out of fuel and must leave the victory to Davide.