Schelle Racing Innovations have introduced a rear top deck for the Team Associated B64. This perfect complement to Schelle’s popular front top deck is machined from 2.5 mm carbon fibre. Connecting the rear gearbox with the motor mount allows for increase bending strength as well as reduced chassis flex in cornering. When installed, racers will notice an immediate increase in corner speed, as the rear end of the buggy will now follow lock-step with the front end.

See: Schelle Racing Innovations

The rear top deck allows rear flex tuning: Use 1 screw in the center rear hole for added flex in twisting to get more cornering grip, less steering. Use 2 side-by-side screws for reduced flex and maximum cornering speed. The option part comes with 3-D printed plastic rear top deck mount and 3-D printed plastic battery stop.

Lastly, racers can replenish their slipper pads and get the white pads separately to balance our all of their pad sets. Three per package, the white pads fit all Nova slipper sets.