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Nosram have introduced their new 2018 Competition Car Line series of LiHV batteries. With Graphene-2 cells, Nosram introduce the next step in Graphene development, resulting in more power and optimized weight. Thanks to the high voltage technology, the lifetime is significanty improved when charged to 4.20V/cell. The batteries feature 5mm gold contact connectors for reduce resistance due to larger contact surface.

The line includes the 5800mAh Stock Spec Shorty, the 4200mAh real Shorty, the 2600Ah super Shorty, the 5800mAh Saddle, the 3900mAh LCG Saddle, the 3900mAh shorty Saddle, the 3900mAh small Saddle and also 6600mAh 1/8 Stock Spec and the 5600mAh mid Shorty battery. The new batteries will gradually become available starting mid of December 2017 through beginning of February 2018.